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Trout fishing on a stocked river, what could be better?! Trout fishing on the Caney Fork! This river is not only stocked, but it is a beautiful piece of nature that everyone should see. The Caney Fork River is stocked with over 100,000 Rainbow Trout and Brown Trout every year by the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA). The river section of the Caney Fork that is stocked with the trout fish begins at the Center Hill Dam in Silver Point, TN and runs downstream to where the Caney Fork River merges with the Cumberland River. Fishing on the Caney Fork is a favorite past time of many locals as well as travelers. The trout in this river brings people from all over. The Caney Fork River is a perfect fishing river. While fishing in the Caney Fork is a great idea, swimming is not. The Caney Fork River stays about 52 degrees year-round. The river is long and somewhat narrow. A cold river is perfect for trout fishing, but not so great for taking a swim! Although Rainbow Trout and Brown Trout are the most popular types of fish in the river, there are other fish swimming around as well such as bass, stripers, stripe, walleye and other game fish.

As of 2017, the regulations are as follows: Please always check with TWRA to make sure the regulations have not changed. Total daily creel of all trout (rainbow, brown, and brook) in combination is 5 fish. Rainbow Trout: 5 per day, 14"-20" protected length range, only one fish over 20" may be harvested. Brook Trout: 5 per day, 14"-20" protected length range, only one fish over 20" may be harvested. Brown Trout: 1 per day, 24" minimum length limit.A picture is worth a thousand words! We recommend getting a great picture , a legendary fish story, and letting the big ones go for another day! Please check the TWRA's web-site to insure current regulations: To fish on the Caney Fork River, you must have a Tennessee fishing license and a trout stamp. There are many fishing techniques. Popular fishing techniques on the Caney Fork are; Fly fishing, bottom (or bait) fishing, and fishing with lures. Your fishing technique is a matter of preference. Some popular lures and bait are Panther Martins, Rooster Tails, small Rapalas, night crawlers, Super Dooper Spoons and AC Shiners. The best bait for trout is Salmon Eggs (red, pink, or orange), and Berkley’s Power Eggs. . If you are in to fly fishing, make sure you bring along some sow bugs and scuds. As far as line, you probably want to stay with a quality line in the four-pound range. The Caney Fork River is stocked so well with trout, that you are bound to catch something!

The Caney Fork is a dam released river. Although most of the time the Caney Fork seems very mild and gentle, it can change very quickly to fast moving , dangerous waters. In order to fish the Caney Fork you need to be aware of the generation schedule which will let you know when TVA has the generators on. Once the generators come on they start forcing a large volume of water into the river. This causes the river to gain speed and rise very rapidly during generation. This is especially dangerous to fisherman wading in the river. The water rises quickly and the river is not level. If you try to cross the river, you can step in to a ravine and your waiters will fill with water. They will sound an alarm but it is not easily heard downriver. Please check the generation schedule before going. You can find the information on the TVA website. They will generally post the day’s generation schedule around 5:00 the night before. If you are unable to access that information, please call them at 800-238-2264 or you can call us at 931-858-2628, we will be glad to get the information for you. A wading fisherman does not want to get caught in the water during generation; a boat is usually rather safe.


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